Dr Nitin Desai is an Internal Medicine Physician with special interest in addiction medicine. He is authorised by DEA with a DATA 2000 waiver to treat patients with Suboxone, a Medication Assisted Treatment program as outpatient treatment for Opiate use disorder.Dr Nitin Desai has a personalised protocol to treat patients for Opioid use disorder. This program is calle “Care Phonenix”, to offer privacy while communications during treatment. The protocol includes adequte time with the Physician, counselling, overall medical guidance and individualised approach with the patient. The patient is encouraged to continue primary care and specialist care with their established Physicians. Some of the services in this protocol may not be covered by a health insurance plan and therefore we have a fee schedule that allows patients to pay directly to Cross Creek Medical Clinic. To schedule a visit, please call office during business hours or schedule via booking appointment link on our website home pgae.